Emoji Restrictor

Lock your custom emotes to roles.


Did you know Discord had the ability to make a custom emoji only available to certain roles? If you didn't, that is because they don't offer an easy way to use that function. Enter, Emoji Restrictor!


Here is what a user of your server may see on the Discord's Emoji Picker: A full list of custom emotes with Discords Emoji Picker

With the power of Emote Restrictor, another user may see this Only some of the custom emotes from above are shown.

Note that the other user has significantly less emotes? That's what this bot can do.


Commands include add which allows a role to use the mentioned emojis and remove which removes the role from the whitelist again with the added bonus of query to get the roles allowed to use an emote.

Admins and the owner are not except from the restrictions. If you want to keep using the emotes you are restricting, add at least one of your roles to the list of allowed roles.

Command Examples

  • @Emoji Restrictor#6662 add :awesome_emote: `Admins`: Allows admins to use awesome_emote. If everyone was able to use it before, now only admins can use it.
  • @Emoji Restrictor#6662 query :awesome_emote:: Check which roles can use awesome_emote now. This should now include Admins.
  • @Emoji Restrictor#6662 remove :awesome_emote: `Admins`: Revoke Admins the privilage of using the awesome_emote. If that was the only role which was able to use awesome_emote before, everyone can use it again.
In-chat-help is available with help and help <command>.

Why we need the permissions we ask for

Trusting things can be hard, so here's what we use the permissions for:

Do not grant this bot any other permissions. It isn't needed and will only increase the attack surface if the bot ever gets compromised. Giving the bot additional permissions anyways may result in the bot refusing to work.

Emoji Restrictor on Bot Lists

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Open Source

This bot is Free Software licensed under AGPL 3 or later. The source code can be found at GitLab.